3 Things You Need to Know to Help You Find a Mentor or Coach

922728_10200971514641026_320268843_nWe must learn to receive from one another. Mentors & Coaches understand the importance of this type of relationship.  Paul was a mentor and coach to many men and women who were “called” throughout the provinces he covered.  Because of his wisdom and purpose many went on to fulfill their purpose.


A Mentor is someone who shares their wisdom and process with you because they have traveled where you are going.  A Coach is someone who helps you draw out of yourself for purpose and gives you tools and strategy to reach your goals.  Both are gifted and you need to know what you need for your season.  A lot of times many people function as both.


Don’t fall into the mindset that women can not get along.  Yes, some women have allowed themselves to be separated through envy, strife, jealousy, competition and low self worth.  This has left a gap in this beautiful relationship exchange.  There are MANY women who walk in a “higher place”.  It doesn’t have to be that way and “all” women don’t fall into that category.   Don’t be scared to reach out to those you know are suppose to speak into your life.

1.  SEEK OUT. Find like minded sisters who are walking in the direction you want to go.  Do they have a similar vision?  Are they active in what they do?  Are they passionate about helping others?  Do they have a system or process to help you reach your goals?

2.  CONNECT. Don’t be afraid to connect.  You need to be around other people of vision.  You must leave the “comfort zone” and step into the process of purpose.  If they are “true” mentors and coaches they are concerned and want to support your vision as you press towards destiny and purpose. Ask for referrals?  Talk to others who have connected with them.

3.  RELEVANT. Make sure they have relevant information for your purpose. This isn’t about finding a “friend”.  You need someone to help you move through the season you are in towards purpose.  They will help you miss mistakes and avoid pitfalls.

This only takes place when you are willing to let down your guard (with the right people) and avail yourself to Mentors & Coaches.

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