Getting my HAPPY Back.

602001_10200252492692306_1650912002_nThe core of our humanity is that we are purpose driven or life action oriented. We desire to progressively move forward in our lives.  We experience “fulfillment” when we are progressing.  The feeling attached to this is happiness.  Being happy is circumstantial and attached to our “view” of how we are doing and what is going on in our lives.   It is attached to “our” ability to engage, control and experience forward movement towards our goal or purpose.

Happiness and Joy are not the same thing. Joy is rooted in our relationship with God and our confidence in that relationship.  It is an expression of our firm inner stance and trust in God and our truth irregardless of what we are going through in our lives.  We are “secure” that our circumstances are not a “true” reflection of our inner condition or knowing that our circumstances will change.  Even when you have joy, you can experience happiness or unhappiness in your daily life.

How do I get my Happy Back?

1.  DEVELOP GOALS/LIFE ACTIONS Decide what is important to you and create goals/ life actions to obtain it.  We are created to progress.  When we feel stagnant it effects us emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically. Incorporate opportunities in your life that is  moving you forward. 

2.  SIMPLE IS BEST You need to set “attainable” SIMPLE goals/life actions. Don’t make it complicated.  When it is complicated it makes it hard to see “how” to reach the goal/life action.  It becomes easy to get discouraged and we are more likely not to go after it. Wake up each morning and declare, “This is going to be a great day!”  Thank God each morning for life, health and strength.  These are great life actions/goals that reaffirms your ability to mold your day.

3. MAKE IT CLEAR When you are clear you also understand challenges will come.  You are able to deal with those challenges and stay on target.

3.  DEVELOP A PLAN/ROUTINE It isn’t enough to say you want to do something.  You need to develop a step by step plan/routine to obtain them.  When we have goals/life actions without a plan/routine, we can’t see the progress. It makes it hard to know what we need to change to improve on our process.

We can “live” happy.  We have the ability to activate a progressive mindset and support it with our actions.  Move your life from just “existing” to “purposeful” living.  When we are purposeful we feel fulfilled.

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