Slide16IN PURSUIT OF ME! positions and empowers women of vision who KNOW that are destined to lead and impact lives through their purpose.  We help you Discover and Develop your Life MEssage, Become your Best Self and Empower your Life for Purpose.   By improving yourself and learning your Life MEssage you impact your life and the different roles and responsibilities you walk out on a daily basis as a woman. Your success is lived when you understand yourself and how to move towards your destiny. Our GOAL is to help you develop and balance yourself spirit, soul and body.  They all WORK TOGETHER and are needed for your SUCCESS.  We provide resources to help you discover and reach your full potential.  Your destiny is not just fate or chance.  You also have to make choices.  The choices you make today will shape your future. In order to grow you need to develop your skills, talents, competencies, abilities and truth.
It is your responsibility to commit to improve yourself and your life which impacts your purpose and Life MEssage.  We are all on a lifelong journey to explore our inner self, discovering who we are, our potential, our purpose in life and what core principles are guiding us to make choices to fulfill our purpose and destiny.  The journey of PURPOSE BEGINS with PERSONAL GROWTH through SELF DISCOVERY.
You will be guided through self questioning and examination of your thoughts, words, Slide4actions and perspective in order to reach your conclusions about who you really are.  You will gain a deeper understanding of your self, character, values and purpose in life.  You will also become aware of your potential.
Stephanie will be accepting mentoring clients in 2013, starting in September.  We are looking for women who are committed to shifting their lives in to a place of joy, vitality, fulfillment, passion and purpose!
This program is for women who are committed to making huge shifts in their lives.  We have programs in North Carolina and South Carolina.
symbol imageThe IN PURSUIT OF ME! Program has an application process so that we are positive that you are committed to making amazing life-changes and are really ready for this intensive mentoring relationship.
You could be one of these 12 women (In each state) if:
  • You know you have a purpose or mission to make the world a better place, but you aren’t clear just what it is.
  • Maybe you are clear about your passion and purpose, but you direction about it.
  • You have felt alone and overwhelmed about how to purse your dream life.


  • 3 Tiered Coaching Model
  • A 2 hour intense coaching session twice a month for 9 months
  • 24 face to face group coaching sessions
  • 3 individual mentoring/coaching sessions (one per semester)
  • Accountability, love and unwavering support from me
  • Initial PURSUIT Assessment
  • Access to me via email or phone appointment for quick questions during business hours.
  • Coaching and empowerment with other coaches and mentors with wisdom and knowledge for your journey.
  • 3 PURSUIT Guides
  • 3 PURSUIT Journals/workbooks
  • PURSUIT Empowerment CD


Semester 1
You are the Message
    Self Awareness
    Self Improvement
    Discovering the Message
    Mindset Development
    Learning Skills
    Life Alignment (Spirit/Soul/Body)
    Identifying Personal Attributes
    Why you are here
Semester 2
Living and Developing your Life Message
    Learning your Truth (12 Pillars of the Message)
    Connecting, Transforming and Becoming
    Accountability and Commitment to the Message
    Goal Setting and Action Planning
    Misconceptions about your Message and Purpose
    Impacting others with your Message
    The Power of Conflict
Semester 3
Discovering and Living your Best Self: Living an Authentic Life
    Who do you need to Become
    Learning about YOU
    Reflection and Development of Purpose
    Feminine Apologetics
    Leadership Development
    Personal Mission/Vision
    Personal Values and Principles
    Establishing your Interest   
    Balance and Empowerment for your Roles and Responsibilities

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