Stephanie M Kirkland is a Women’s Leadership Expert, Coach, Speaker/Trainer, Author and Thought Leader. Stephanie knows firsthand how to help people get clear and achieve success despite the challenges they face. Known as the “Identity Shaper,”  her work is grounded in the philosophy that success begins with Identity.  When we understand who we are and are willing to do the personal growth work, success is inevitable. Stephanie has over15 years experience in personal and leadership development and training. She is passionate about seeing women unlock their potential for personal and professional success.

​Stephanie has developed a revolutionary process that helps women build strategic identity based leadership frameworks to lead themselves well personally, professionally, spiritually and physically.


Stephanie believes that there has never been a greater time for women to succeed as leaders than now.  Today, as women, we realize that authentic power means having choices and control over one’s life.  However despite the opportunities available for women, they often battle with the conditioning of who they are expected to be and who they actually can be and as a result they have untapped potential, are overwhelmed or stuck in their life and business. That is why a combination of Leadership Development & Personal Growth is fundamental for Success. Through her educational and transformational programs, Stephanie addresses how women can leverage and develop through the mental and behavioral strategies of leadership development and personal growth. When identity based leadership and business acumen come together, success is next. 


My objectives are to continue to create resources, programs and platforms to educate and empower women to DISCOVER their unique identity, BECOME their best selves, EMPOWER their lives and CREATE effective impact on the different roles and responsibilities they walk out on a daily basis as a woman.

  • In Pursuit of Me! (your unique identity)
  • Success & Identity (can’t be separated)
  • Identity Based Leadership (leading from your unique authenticity)
  • Life Work Harmony/Integration (no such thing as balance)
  • The Power of Influence & Communication (drawing your audience)
  • Executive Presence (developing your show up)
  • Win Win Relationships (we can’t do it alone, but must be right)
  • Imposter Syndrome (it’s really you)
  • Self Care & Well-being (necessary for success)
  • Resiliency & Stress (positioned to overcome)
  • My Message is my Purpose (you are the gift) and many more.


  • Bachelors in Psychology with Minor in Religion, Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Columbia College, South Carolina.
  • Currently pursuing Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership, Northeastern University, Massachusetts.